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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm gluten intolerant. Do your products contain any gluten?

Both our products are 100% gluten free. You can use our products without a problem.

Does Australian Excellence use any GMO ingredients?

No, both products are made entirely from premium non-GMO ingredients.

I have real problems with dairy and am lactose intolerant. Does Australian Digestive Excellence or Australian Probiotic Excellence contain dairy or soy?

Neither product has dairy or soy added, and Australian Digestive Excellence does not contain any soy. Small amounts of milk (and soy for the probiotic) are used in the preparation of the ingredients during the manufacturing process, and then cleaned thoroughly and discarded. For example, the ashwaganda roots are soaked in milk and then thoroughly scrubbed as part of the preparation for making the liquid (Australian Digestive Excellence) so there could be trace amounts of dairy. So far, no one with problems with dairy or soy who have used our products has had a problem. Of course, we do not know your situation, so you need to decide what is best for you.

Does Australian Excellence need refrigeration?

Australian Probiotic Excellence comes in a specially designed blister pack so it stays fresh without any refrigeration. Australian Digestive Excellence does not need refrigeration until the bottle is opened. Even then, if you need to travel, it can last outside of the refrigerator for quite a while.

How can I travel with Australian Excellence?

We travel with it all the time. The probiotic is simple: it's very small and doesn't require refrigeration. Unopened bottles of the liquid can go in check-on luggage, and small non-leak bottles work well in carry-on bags.

How long are the Australian Excellence products good for?

Both products are good for two years from the manufacturing date. So for example, if the manufacturing date is November 2016, then both the Liquid and the Probiotic will stay fresh until November 2018.

How will my purchase of Australian Excellence appear on my credit card statement?

Your order of Australian Excellence will appear as SP* AU 1-800-887-1130.

Should I change my current diet while I'm using Australian Excellence?

We recommend that you don't further restricting your current diet while you're taking Australian Excellence. Over time as you feel better, begin to experiment expanding what you can eat. After all, it's what Australian Excellence is all about -- being able to enjoy more of the foods you love!

Are your products something I should use for 30, 60 or 90 days, and then when my digestive track is healthy, discontinue? Or are they meant to be on-going, month to month?

It depends. In general, we recommend people use the products for at least 90 days. Then, they can see if they want to continue. Most people find that they feel so healthy, vibrant and full of energy that they don't want to stop. Many people also want to continue since they are constantly exposed to organisms that attack the digestive system. Others reduce their quantity, frequency or stop once they feel healthy. It's up to you!

Can I mix your product in juice or dilute it with water?

Absolutely! You can mix it with juice, water, smoothies… whatever you want. Or you can enjoy it by itself. Whatever you prefer.

When is the best time to take your product? Morning? Afternoon? Evening? Before meals? With meals?

Whenever you want! You can take it at any time of day, on an empty or full stomach, all of it at once or twice a day. Everyone's different — whatever you prefer. The only suggestion we have is that some people get so energized that they have trouble falling asleep if they take it in the evening.

How much should I take?

The recommended dosage for most people is 2 Tablespoons (1 oz), twice a day. However, if you tend to be sensitive, start with less and you can work your way up. Everyone is different.

How will my order be shipped?

Your Australian Excellence order will be shipped either by FedEx Ground or USPS, depending on weight and if you provided a PO Box as a shipping address.

Do you have an autoship program? Can I change how often I receive Australian Excellence?

Yes! We offer an excellent AutoShip & Save program that many customers love so they can save money, lock in our lowest prices, never run out of our products and have complete control and flexibility. We will always send an email a week before any product ships so you easily skip a delivery, change shipment dates, or even cancel.